Force a route to use custom adapter

Hi, I need to force some route to switch from default application adapter to another one. For example, each routes that extend /admin route needs to use the custom adapter. How can i achieve this?

Atm, I just create admin adapter that extends my application adapter.

There is not relationship between a route and an adapter. But there is a mapping between model type to adapter, so not sure I understand the question.

What it sounds like is the model that you fetch from your adapter route should have a custom adapter?

Sorry for delay, What i want is to be able to modify the adapter host variable, base on route. I Have an admin zone. Each route in this zone extend from the route admin. The others routes extend from public route. In my backend, i need to protect the admin urls. So i want to group them under the"/admin" path. So to contact this urls, i need to prefix all my admin routes with “/admin”.