"framework event listeners api errors" in chrome dev tools

I was trying to debug some event listeners in my test ember app, using the Chrome Dev Tools “Event Listeners” tab, and noticed this error repeating in the console:

Framework Event Listeners API Errors:
	event listener's handler isn't a function or empty

I thought maybe I had some event listeners gone wild issue in my app, so I created a new ember project and the same error shows. It appears to be infinite.

Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this. Google yielded nothing. Not seeing the same issue in firebug so I’m leaning towards it being a Chrome thing.


I’m getting the same error after upgrading to bootstrap 4. Are you using that as well? Perhaps something in there is the culprit

No, using bootstrap 3 via ember-cli-bootstrap-sassy

Still seems to be happening on Ember 2.18. Some what unfortunate because I am trying to see all of the scroll listeners that could be causing a scroll issue.


If it helps some, i’m getting the same error after execute a function to set listeners with jQuery, the function is type $(’#’+listen[‘table’]).on(listen[‘event’],listen[‘object’],listen[‘function’]); I will grateful if any helps.