Front-end Software Engineer at Musae


Musae is a comprehensive, end-to-end platform for venues and artists to market, sell, and manage their events, both in-person and live in 360° virtual reality.

Musae provides the technology, equipment, and platform for venues and artists to broadcast live simultaneously in HD & 360° VR, and we send free VR headsets to audiences. Artists are earning more on Musae than any other platform. In addition to a vital lifeline, we are creating a completely new context and revenue streams for venues and artists to thrive in a post-pandemic world. As such, we are seeing unprecedented growth across all metrics.


We are seeking an additional senior front-end software engineer, either part-time or full-time for equity, to assist in the development of the front-end of a new application using Ember (Octane).

Please see the Musae careers page for more information.

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