Getting Undefined in the ember js drop down select


I am using ember JS drop down and uses jquery to customize the drop down style. But I am seeing odd behavior of getting undefined entries along with my defined drop down list values. Below is the piece of code been used. Here since customization applied by the jquery was during DOM load, i had to invoke it from didInsertElement ,

 <div class="dropdownArea">
		{{view App.wishListSelect }}

App.wishListSelect= Em.Select.extend({
        init: function() {
        var contents = [];


Here drop down list is coming as Undefined Undefined item1 Undefined Undefined item2 Undefined Undefined


here you can find how to use the Ember Select view:


I followed the same link for building up. I missed to add view for the template I added in app.js in my first post.That would have caused the confusion. All these part are fine only,because I already created many templates and views ;and all of those are working fine.

In the above case I am trying to use jcf library comes with jquery.main.js file for styling the dropdown. And I am calling these jsf library like

App.templateName= Ember.View.extend({
    didInsertElement: function() {
        jcf.customForms.replaceAll(); //jquery libray to get customized dropdownlist

But result I am getting was a customized drop down ( as expected) , but values in the list drop down list have undefined options as well.


you need to check that jquery library jcf, I had the same problem a few months ago, when I was implementing an autocomplete field using bootstrap autocomplete, and I had to check the documentation of that control to see how it was handling what was being rendered in the field, those libraries usually have methods that you can override.


These sorts of questions are generally best asked on Stack Overflow. Thanks!