Grid Component for Ember.js


Look at my project where I am trying to build feature rich Grid component for Ember.js

Let me know what you think. Demo available of course :smiley:


Yo, that look great!


I would love to take this project further, so any feature ideas or advises are welcome.


Hi @myslik , it great component , I should say Thank you , but I think it misses to be :

  1. configurable like limit: 20, variable
  2. how it would act with related models ?

I had already forked it :smiley:

thank you again


That is great idea. I will add toolbar component for that.

Regarding related models I think formatters would work, but I am not so sure about filter. I would have to test it.



I like how discourse solves the unlimited scroll issue. I was thinking about extending a router that could be used for this Grid component and would mirror pages, filters and selected columns into the routeable URL.


Hi @myslik Grid component looks great.

Is it possible to have records filtering in incasesensitive way ?

Thanks very much


Unfortunately this project seems abandoned, have any of you found any other grid components? I’m looking for something that could work with ember data to enable a grid view with partial/paged loading from the server.

#9 is very good


I can not make ember-table to work with ember rc 6 and handlebar rc 4


I liked ember-table a lot, but as far as i see it seems the it is not being maintained, in the case of ember-grid I haven’t looked the sources but the demo is pretty simple, I would like to know if it supports filtering etc., Do you know something about that?


@ccverak @Geronimo_Gando Ember table has had a lot of work recently. I’ve just tested with ember 1.0.0 and updated it to get rid of deprecation warnings.


@gunn Good to know about all the progress on ember-table, I’m currently watching the project on Github, but would like to know if project has any plan on including filtering support, I’m thinking on bbGrid like filtering or so.


Looks great! Any examples of how to use this with ember-cli?


Hi @myslik , thanks a lot for sharing wonderful example. It is possible to configure the page limit from client side drop-down, and search box with individual column.


try it supports in memory, server side sorting, pagination, filtert