Table for ember 2.0

Wondering if there is any new tables for ember. Or does anyone know of any other solutions.

Are you referring to a virtualized/infinite scrolling table?

Any table that has sorting, filtering and a bunch of other features built in. Or if I’m missing something obvious with Ember and tables then let me know about that. Thanks in advance

In these days I’m also searching for alternatives:

  • Addepar is the best I saw. But even I get the code from ember2.0 branch, I couldn’t run an example with Ember 2.0.
  • ember-models-table is working good with Ember 2.0. But it doesn’t have row-selection feature.

In my case, the table should have row-selection and multi-column-sorting features. The features are not need to be fully-implemented by table, events can be triggered by table so my route can handle server side sorting and pagination features.

For a while, we have been trying to write a table component as a contextual-component. Sorting has not implemented yet. But it is very extensible. You may see table component and demo pages from github.

See also ember-light-table.

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I second ember-light-table.

Sure, ember-light-table is so good.

In my opinion;

  1. table should do minimal things, such as rendering table, tbody, thead, tr, td tags… Table shouldn’t care whether data is loaded or not. Even pagining shouldn’t be the responsibility of table. It should be other components responsibility. If any feature needed, users (programmers) can be able to extend/compose the component. So our table must be open for extending.
  2. column definitions should be given in templates, not as json objects. It is more declerative. If you give your column definitions in a json, that means you are providing an API to the user. Users need to “describe” what they want to. Table need to understand this description and render the content. If any new feature requested, the table need to be modified so that new description can be meaningful. But we want our table close for modification. We design our table according to Open/Close Principle. Just a simple table, that renders table, thead, tbody, tfoot, th, tr, td tags… Thanks to contextual components concept, makes Open/Closed Principle to be easiliy applied.

for me the fact that ELT renders 3 table tags was an impediment for using it. If its not an issue for you this component looks most mature for now.

I also checked ember-contextual-table and find it more promising. Although, the project is young and lacks some functionality, like sorting and filtering. This things now have to be created by yourself. But overall it looks as composable as ember-power-select

Hopefully, community and authors will contribute in cookbook more

We have just updated the demo page of ember-contextual-table. Now it is kind of a guide or cookbook that contains examples with descriptions. We have integrated sorting and filtering capabilities to our table. Hope you will like it.