Handy tip for cli upgrade, other advice anyone?

I found it helpful to open up the files that get replaced using ember init in SublimeText and just let everything get replaced, then you have the changes in the document history and you can (undo if necessary, then) copy paste the names of the packages you installed into your ember install: commands. Preventing overwrite wouldn’t update all the cli-dependent libs’ versions, right ? Plus I wasn’t sure if the Broccfile.js or others would have a different configuration for this version. But what about addons ? How would I get a record of all the addons I installed ?

I use the d option during init and manually merge.

someone said after pressing d you could scroll through, press e to allow you to add/remove changed lines but that didn’t seem to work

e to edit isn’t an option I’m aware of.

I use d, then open the file to make the changes manually, then save and hit d again until I’m happy that all the changes have been made and the remaining ones are unnecessary. Once I’m happy I hit n so the file is left untouched by ember init. An example being things like the router.js file, which invariable gets trashed each time back to a base state.

From doing this process a few times, the main ones to watch are package.json and bower.json as they are where the biggest dependency issues occur. The test helpers and such like have changed a few times, but have recently gotten fairly stable.

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I found git useful for seeing what it was updating, and undeleting the addons I’d installed and configuration changes I’d made.