hasMany association


I asked the question on StackOverflow (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/38289037/hasmany-association-in-ember-js/38289732#38289732) but didn’t get much help. So, I’m asking it here:

// app/models/card.js

export default Model.extend({
  title: attr('string'),
  description: attr('string'),
  users: hasMany('user')

// app/models/user.js

export default Model.extend({
  email: attr('string'),
  name: attr('string'),
  cards: hasMany('card')

// app/routes/card/new.js

actions: {
  save(title, description) {
    const newCard = this.get('store').createRecord('card', {

    this.get('store').findRecord('user', 1).then(function(user) {
      newCard.set('users', user);

    newCard.save().then((card) => {
      // go to the new item's route after creating it.
      this.transitionTo('card.card', card);

So, when I’m saving a card, it is throwing me this error:

Assertion Failed: You must pass an array of records to set a hasMany relationship.

I tried doing newCard.set('users', [user]) but the response is



where the users.data is a blank array. My backend expects the users.data to be something like [1, 2, 3] or even [1].

I want to create an association between the newly created card and the user.

Other info:

Repo link: https://github.com/ghoshnirmalya/hub-client

Ember : 2.6.1

Ember Data : 2.6.1