HATEOAS support in ember data


What are the plans for supporting HATEOAS in ember data? Are there any alternatives to ember data to support HATEOAS?


This would best be accomplished by a HATEOAS specific Adapter/Serializer combo.

You can read more about them here.

Whether there will ever be an official one or not is anyones guess, but I doubt it as the Ember team seems to be leaning towards JSON API as the format of choice.


Take a look at ember-tastypie which should fit what you need: Django tastypie is a hateoas API. I’ll also be publishing a ember-hateoas library soon. Our project is using Django tastypie, and I began work off of ember-tastypie, but at that point it only had .13 ED support (it now largely supports beta 5), and I needed a lot more than ember-tastypie offered (for example, bringing back embedded commits).