Support for Django Rest Framework?


I read that Ember Data ships with an adapter for ActiveModel::Seializers from Rails.

I’m curious whether there are plans to have a canonical adapter for Django/DjangoRestFramework backends.

I think it would be a big win for everyone. More devs will choose Ember if the can have confidence that it will work well with their API, and there are a lot of Django applications being built.

Pros/cons of adapter on client-side/server-side

There is a community adapter, though it isn’t officially supported:

We’d have to have someone pipe in from the core team to answer whether they plan on integrating more adapters by default…


Note that ember-data-django-rest-adapter currently does not work with the last version of ember data.


@martin Thanks for the note, are the maintainers of that project aware of this? Is the ember-cli/ember-data/django-rest-framework not currently feasable?


They are aware: ember-data-django-rest-adapter has been deprecated yesterday. Apparently, you should be using, which will support the last version of ember-data once version 1.0 is out (when ?). The situation is a bit confusing right now…


I have a django side adapter which conforms the django rest framework output to the ember data style. It is built for DRF 3 which was just released in beta today so its a bit cutting edge but I am using it successfully in production already.

Repo is here:

I was using Toran’s adapter for a long time but at this stage my opinion is that the adapter work is better done server side. That said, Dustin Farris’s adapter is currently undergoing a major rewrite (it’s on a branch in the repo) which looks very promising.

Happy to chat if you need help getting started using Django and Ember together.


I was actually waiting for DRF3 to switch to this solution :wink: Thank you for your work!


ember-django-adapter version 1.0 is due out in January. We are finishing up core implementation and quite a few tests. Also getting documentation up to speed. Wrote an update summary here if interested:

At any rate, thanks to advances in Ember Data and DRF 3.0, the adapter has been dramatically simplified. It is pretty light-weight now and is very easy to get going with—just an npm install in your ember-cli project and you’re off to the races.

Server side solutions have been coming along nicely too. @g-cassie’s ember-drf project is great, and I just discovered rest_framework_ember which looks pretty solid as well (haven’t tried it though, edit: I don’t think it supports DRF 3.0). All in all, a great django/ember ecosystem is starting to solidify. Very exciting stuff.


Very exciting. It looks like ember-cli/ember-2.0/ember-data-1.0/DRF-3.0 is coming together very nicely.


One of the authors of the mentioned rest_framework_ember package here. Just wanted to say that it does support DRF 3.0 and the plan is for it to support the 1.0 spec when it solidifies.