Help me understand Ember data flow

I’m new to Ember, but I’ve used other frameworks for years (React, Angular, Backbone…) I’m enjoying this new experience, but I get continually stymied by small details when dealing with things like computed properties. I’m looking for resources that help explain how Ember manages dafa flow under the hood.

Here’s a recent example: I returned a computed property from a route’s model hook. To my surprise, even though the value the computed property was based on kept getting updated, the route’s template didn’t re-render, even though it referenced the computed property.

I did some googling and read "Don’t create computed properties in model hooks. Okay, that’s a rule and I can follow it, but I don’t just want to follow rules. I want a clear understanding of what’s going on, so that I can predict, ahead of time, what’s likely to happen, and so I’m not just using trial-and-error (with no real understanding) to solve problems.

The official documents explain patterns and rules, but they don’t explain how ember actually passes data around internally, and why some data is available in some places but not others.

Books? Blog entries? Articles? Videos?


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