Help precompiling ember-rails app assets

We have an ember-rails application, Whether we compile after modification or without any modification, there seem to be some js errors to rise and app stop functioning properly, We need someone to sort out the compilation issue so we can make changes and precompile again and again

Are you using any js compressors?(uglier, etc)?

Yes there is a gem for that

Can you help? Can add you to heroku as collaborator. Thanks

yes, but you can comment this line: config.assets.js_compressor = :uglifier


Thank you very much, I have disabled compressor and I still see some errors like the following one Uncaught Error: Cannot Set: isLoading on: Ui.Parameter:ember975:604 although some part of the part remains working while some parts dont, looks like routing problems after precompiling, I have deployed the version without compressions, and pmed you URL as it will show errors in js console