I want to help maintain the ember.js toolchain

This is not directly related to ember.js, but related to the tools we use during development to build awesome ember.js applications. We have been using rake-pipeline along with rake-pipline-web-filters and minispade. These are all great tools and have made writing ember.js applications more enjoyable.

My team recently found a problem with minispade and IE8 with regards to sourceUrls and conditional compilation. This was preventing us from pushing this application to production. We quickly opened a pull request up with a fix. However, there has been no response to this issue and I have noticed there are a number of other issues that have not been addressed.

I completely understand the ember.js team is very busy. I am volunteering my time to help maintain the rake-pipeline-web-filters and minispade tools. I am very passionate about this sort of stuff. I even gave a talk on Ember.js build processes at a local ember.js meetup. I want to continue to educate the community on the toolchain so ember.js are easy to write, test and deploy.


We definitely need more people like you :slight_smile: Improving the tooling will make all of our lives better.

That sounds great. Would you mind shooting me an e-mail at tom@tomdale.net?

Hi @tom,

I sent you an email a while back, but I have not yet received a response. Did you recieve it?