Hot code push support

I am new to ember, but I love what I see so far! :smile:

I came across meteor and noticed that they have a feature where they can push hot code directly to the client, which allows for continuous deployment:

Are there any proof of concepts/examples of implementing hot code pushes in an ember js application?

I understand that meteorjs contains a server part which makes it easy for them to provide this feature, however, I think there might also need to be capabilities (serializing the models etc, reload new app, then unserialize models) on the client to allow this to happen.

I think most things can be done with websocket. For example if your app has a new version you can force a refresh or push new data to the store.

This reads more like Live Reload to me, thatโ€™s a default on

He means Meteor like hot reload feature, without using ember-cli, In meteor, you can give a hello world app to the user ,then just change the code in the server, the client side app updates instantly without downloading anything , pretty neat feature which can remove app upgrading burden. Your app can be upgraded just like facebook does, without anyone noticing anything happens, Iโ€™m googling around for the same feature myself. right now , I"m using sailsjs for server side api, wondering if I can do it with sails + ember, since ember was only client side, and while using cordova, it definately not knows any server but sails server. Oh , I just found this If you were using cordova as I do, guess this is just what you need.