How can I add query params to a JSON:API hasMany request?

Here’s my simple model. My API returns JSON:API responses including links properties so that Ember Data knows where to fetch relationship data.


import DS from 'ember-data';

export default DS.Model.extend({
  name: DS.attr('string'),
  properties: DS.hasMany('property'),

Say I’ve already fetched an Ember Data structure object and I want to fetch it’s properties:


Great! Ember Data uses this structure’s links data to build the URL to fetch only the properties for this particular structure. But now I want to add a query param to filter the data server side to get only properties of a certain type: eg. ?filter[type]=string. Normally to add query params I can do a manual query like:'property', {
  filter: {
    type: 'string'

But this is loading all properties and I want to load just the properties for the structure. With nested relationship routes such as /api/structures/:structure_id/properties just adding a structure_id: ID param to the call won’t work because it will use the wrong API endpoint: /api/properties.

This seems like a pretty basic requirement for any JSON:API implementation? Is there no officially supported way to do this short of using this unmaintained addon:

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So the add-on doesn’t work for you?

Alternatively, what you can do is override findHasMany in your adapter to include the query params in the request to the API. I wrote about it here:

@galatians what solution did you come up with? dealing with this myself now.

I’m using my own fork for now that borrows some fixes from others. The original author doesn’t seem to be responding.