Querying belongsTo relationships

Hey there!

I am to query an API that has this endpoint to filter a one-to-one relationship:


I’ve tried this using Ember:

this.store.query('post', {filter:{"status":{"name":"status","op":"eq","val":"Published"} }});

And this:

this.store.query('post', {filter:{"name":"status","op":"eq","val":"Published"}});

But the resulting query are these:



Which is quite confusing! I am not sure how to create this queries when I have belongsTo and hasMany relationships.

What is the right way to create this query?

I’ve seen this references here and here but I couldn’t figure out how to write the right query.

Is there any other documentation that I could read to understand better how to create these queries?

Thanks in advance!

Probably (if someone doesn’t give you better solution) you should check adapters JSONAPIAdapter - 3.25 - Ember API Documentation

Thank you! I was hoping to not have to go down there. :pleading_face:

I have managed to make this work! I’ll let it detailed here for further reference:

That’s my application adapter:

import JSONAPIAdapter from '@ember-data/adapter/json-api';
import ENV from '../config/environment';

export default class ApplicationAdapter extends JSONAPIAdapter {
  host = ENV.APP.api;
  namespace = ENV.APP.namespace;

  fixFilterQuery(query) {
  if (Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty.call(query, 'filter')) {
    query.filter = JSON.stringify([query.filter]);
  return query;

  query(store, type, query) {
    query = this.fixFilterQuery(query);
    return super.query(store, type, query);

And that’s how I am making queries:

let filterOptions = {
          name : 'status',
          op   : 'has',
          val  : {"name":"status","op":"eq","val":"Booked"}
this.store.query('reservation', {sort: "-start_date",  include: 'status,type,location', filter: filterOptions, page: {number: params.page, size: params.size}})