How can I get ember-simple-auth to work with fastboot?

Currently, I have authentication working on my normal ember app, the user can login and signout, routes are protected etc.

I even made the default storage cookies, so that fastboot could have access to the information:

// session-stores/application.js
import CookieStore from 'ember-simple-auth/session-stores/cookie';
export default CookieStore.extend();

However, when I run the app with the fastboot server I get an cannot read property protocol of undefined and a failed to create an instance of 'session-store:application'.

What else do I have to do to get ember-simple-auth to work with fastboot?

Don’t believe Fastboot support is ready just yet: FastBoot Compatibility by marcoow · Pull Request #1035 · simplabs/ember-simple-auth · GitHub

Yeah it’s not officially supported, but this tutorial got it to work.

The difference, I discovered, was that I installed ember-simple-auth rather than ember-simple-auth@simplabs/ember-simple-auth#fastboot, as instructed by tutorial.