How do I author a library for consumption in ember-cli?


I’m developing a library for use in an ember app. The library consists of a few files, each of which contains a single class. Some classes depend on others, and I’m importing the needed classes with something like var libClass = require('../libClass');. I’ve compiled this library with Browserify, pushed this library to github, required and installed it through bower.json, and successfully imported it in Brocfile.js with app.import('bower_components/mylib/dist/mylib.js'). This makes it available in my ember-cli app as a global, but I want it available through es6 imports so I can import it only where needed, and only which parts as needed. I’m open to replacing the require syntax with es6 syntax in the library, but I need my automated tests to run a single command (currently npm test or ./node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha). How do I make this happen?