Importing an ES6 Module (autoNumeric v4.0.0-beta.14) into my app

I am not an expert at all about ember-cli and I really do not know the internals of how the build process works for ember. All I know is that I can import dependencies from bower_components and vendor folders. I was using autoNumeric 1.9.46 and installing it with bower and importing the dependency witihn ember-cli-build.js file with app.import(). When I try to use the latest version available I noticed that it is an ES6 modue now. I would like to use it as is; but could not succeed so far.

I tried to install it with ember-browserify, read through this issue, gave a try to ember-cli-node-assets and still no luck.

I cannot claim I am talented to this kind of stuff; but I have been dealing with this for about 2 days now. There are too many questions, discussions and fuss about it. There must be a simple cleaner way to import an ES6 module to ember app; but I could not find it so far and would appreciate any help. You can also look at the stackoverflow question I have asked.