How to add Foundation or Bootsrtap fonts icons

I can’t find a working example or steps to follow to integrate Foundation Icons 3 into an Ember app. Where should I pust the css, eot, svg, ttf and woff files, how to reference them in templates, should I import and which ones in ember-cli-build.js? I tried to put the unsipped content into vendor folder and add the imports like that:

  app.import('vendor/foundation-icons/foundation-icons.eot'), { destDir: 'assets' };
  app.import('vendor/foundation-icons/foundation-icons.sfg'), { destDir: 'assets' };
  app.import('vendor/foundation-icons/foundation-icons.ttf'), { destDir: 'assets' };
  app.import('vendor/foundation-icons/foundation-icons.woff', { destDir: 'assets' };
  app.import('vendor/foundation-icons/foundation-icons.css'), { destDir: 'assets' };

what didn’t work. The same with Bootstrap UseIconic library. Any ideas, please ? Thank you.