How to automatically keep track of the octane update process in a project

Hello community!

we are steadily updating our app to octane, currently keeping track of all the work in spreadsheet by hand.

i would like to keep track of the progress automatically maybe via a github action or script to identify files which have been updated and those who have not yet been touched.

does anybody now of a way to automate this or identify files which have not been update to octane?

I’ve been using lint-to-the-future to track these things for some of the open source projects I am working on. For example you can take a look at the ember-paper dashboard and you can see some of the lint rules that are relevant to Octane upgrades: LintToTheFuture

You can checkout the readme here GitHub - mansona/lint-to-the-future: A modern way to progressively update your code to the best practices

I will be merging a few PRs soon that explain how to quickly setup the dashboard too :+1:

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@real_ate this looks great, i will give that a try !

i found those plugins as well for eslint-plugin-ember:

I think if you update your app to the latest 3.x version (3.28) with ember-cli-update you should get all of those lint rules enabled by default. What version are you currently on?