How to capture JWT in the query string?


I use BaaS (Stamplay) and to authenticate with e-mail/password or with Twitter (or any other)

For authentication via email and password, I created a custom auth. And it’s working.

this.get('session').authenticate('authenticator:stamplay', credentials)
        .catch((message) => {
          this.set('errorMessage', message);
        .finally(() => {
          this.set('isSubmiting', false);

But for authentication via twitter… the callback is so a error is reported in console

ember.debug.js:4903 Uncaught UnrecognizedURLError: /index.html?jwt=eyJXXXXXX

So, my question is, how can I when callback to my app… the auth get the jwt and set the into localstorage like e-mail/password?