Lets Build: JWT-Backed Authentication with Ember and Express (Part 1)

Hey everyone,

In the interest of helping out with documentation, I’m working on a step-by-step, comprehensive tutorial. I just published it on Medium a few minutes ago and would appreciate any/all criticism and feedback. Thanks in advance for your time!


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That is great to see some more coverage on that topic, just started looking into JWT Authentication with Node myself. Have you heard of Sails.js? It is built on top of Express and has more of an ‘ember-y philosophy’. That is what I am using in conjunction with Waterlock for authentication on the backend.

Also if Sails.js sounds interesting check out the Sails-Ember Starter Kit I have written: https://github.com/artificialio/sane

Otherwise always great to see more ember + NodeJS love out there.

Hey, thanks for reading!. I’ve heard of Sails.js, but have never used it. Thanks for the recommendation. Is it possible to use it as only an API, without the view layer? I’ll probably take a stab at writing a small app with it and see how it goes.

Yeah, you don’t need the views whatsoever. I am just using the index.ejs view to serve the ember app, but you could serve it straight from your index.html.

This bit is the key: https://github.com/artificialio/sane/blob/master/server/config/routes.js#L54, where I define to not use the sails views whatsoever.

Is there any chance on you continuing this tutorial? I’m tying to do this exact thing and have been hitting a few walls here and there trying to get it up and running.