How to create clickable tooltip with MouseEnter function

I have created a tooltip option for the html item file. In that the additional requirement is

  1. clickable option need to create in the Tooltip
  2. When I’m clicking the option, it has to download the corresponding html file as well

I have tried Code like below:

 mouseEnter: function(e) {
                      var type = this.get('content.kind');
                      if(type == 'Text'){
                           var textUrl = this.content.streamingUri;

                           this.$().tooltip({content: '<a href="'+textUrl+'">click here to download</a>'});

In that code streamingUri is the corresponding html url link, by using that we are able to download the file.

Because of the mouseEnter function, I am not able to click that link. Because When I move from the corresponding place, the tooltip also getting hide. So I need to click on that link and have the corresponding file download. I’m using ember 1.4.0. Please provide me the suggestion.