How to disable or hide the Inspect Icon and their Items

Hi, When I have tried to hide the Inspect Icon by using the attribute from icon: ‘metadata_global’ to icon: ‘none’. It’s getting hide from the Inspect tab. But still hand cursor symbol is showing when we move the mouse on that field and its getting click when I click on that. This is my below code:

		name: "GlobalMetadata",
		isValid: function () {
			var model = this.get('model');
			return Core.model.ManagedObject.detectInstance(model);
		modelChanged: function () {
			var contextId = this.get('model.finalManagedObject.canonicalId');
			if (contextId) {
				this.set('currentContext', contextId);
			} else {
				this.set('currentContext', null);
		managedObjectBinding: 'model.finalManagedObject',
		icon: 'none',
		bodyView: Content.Inspect.MetadataView,
		titleBinding: 'Core.messageTable.content/inspect/manage/metadata/universal/title',
		labelBinding: 'Core.messageTable.content/inspect/manage/metadata/universal/title'

Need to remove the icon and their corresponding items from the Inspect tab. I’m new to the ember. Please help me on this. Is there way to trace it. Thanks