How to find Ember-Simple-Auth authenticator in Octane?

I am trying to slowly move my Bloggr example to Octanes Module Unification and I got it almost working. The only step left is that I don’t know how Ember Simple Auth must find the pouch.js authenticator in the src folder. See: So at the moment you can’t login :disappointed:

Can someone point me in the right direction? It seems I am almost there.

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I did this recently, are you using module unification? If so, you’ll need this config:

Thanks but this was already in my code:

but it does not use the pouch authenticator with this. I think I have put the authenticator in the correct folder. Can you take a look? Almost working source:

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Looks like the collections part is missing?

Thanks for helping me. I got it working !!!. In your source and mine, there is a mismatch between definitiveCollection: 'authenticator'and the collection authenticators. I fixed it just now by adding the s and the simple-auth group. See:

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