How to force trigger Store.filter recalculation? (Ember Data 1.13.8)


I have a model which is a LiveRecord array that is the result of a Store.filter method call.

The filter condition includes checking a property on the model (which is not a DS.attribute). This property can change even if no DS.attributes on the model change.

I have noticed that if the non-DS.attribute property on the model changes, the Store.filter result is not recalculated.

What would be the recommended way to trigger the Store.filter to be recalculated? Is it possible at all?

Or should I just remove the condition from the Store.Filter entirely and then have a downstream computed property that observes model.@each.myProperty?

Thanks! Oli


I have never really used much of the LiveRecord arrays — so I can’t offer help on your exact problem.

But, can you give a little more context around what you’re trying to do? There might be some really good solutions outside of Ember data that might solve this! (Especially since you’re using some non-DS.attr properties).