How to get json data from server in ember js in simple way?

1 and how to store servers json data into model ?

2 and how to save data to the server using post method ?

You can read all about this on the official website?

any full example of json data please @jamalsoueidan

Introduction - Ember Data - Ember Guides is where you want to start. I strongly recommend reading this if you haven’t already, because it will help you ask good questions which will get answers.

To summarize, Ember uses libraries like Ember Data to handle persisting your records to your server. Ember is officially agnostic about what JSON your server expects, what it will return, and how you should write it; you’re welcome to set up your server with Rails, PHP, .Net, or carefully calibrated butterflies. This means we can’t tell you what the JSON going back and forth between your app and your server should look like; it can look like whatever you want.

This gives you enormous flexibility, but also requires that you read the manual and understand how Ember persists data in order to use that flexibility to your advantage.

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