How to highlight code in hbs files?


Hello. I want to introduce into my project some code to be highlighted on certain pages (like index.hbs) I’ve searched for libraries that can do this and found tools like highlight.js, but I was unable to use it in my ember project. Can anyone explain how to import a custom library like highlight.js or can someone give me a recomandation for a tool. I’ve tried to use this tool: ember-cli-eg-code-highlight, but it is not specified how to use it. Ok I have installed it, pasted the {{highlight-js code=file lang=language hasLineNumbers=hasLineNumbers}} in my index.hbs, but it does not work. Also the ENV.emberHighlightJs: { style: 'arta' }; I have no ideea where to put it. Tried to put it in ember-cli-build.js but it is not working.

I have found also markdown-code-highlighting. But I am lost at this step: "In your Brocfile you’ll need to import the CSS styling you want for the highlighter. " So where exactly is my brocfile in my ember project?