How to implement Command Pattern instead of using Adapter



I’m new to EmberJS and a bit lost. I would like to ask some advice to get started correctly.

We have a SaaS which is not built with EmberJS. I’m trying to refactor a part of it and use EmberJS for that.

Our Software implements the command pattern. It means we send action (JSON object) to the server to create, update and delete (also undo/redo) our model objects.

I can’t really use Adapter for that because they seam to be created for REST Interface, but we are not using REST for that part.


I think you’re confusing ember-data and emberjs. You’re able to use emberjs w/o using ember-data. If your API wasn’t built to a REST or JSON API spec, then I do suggest rolling your own data persistence layer instead of fighting the framework.

I recommend checking out ember-cli-simple-store: