Working example app using CLI and FixtureAdapter

I’m a total noob trying to get started with Ember using the CLI. I’m having a hard time finding a single trivial working example app that uses the CLI structure and I’m finding it a tad bit discouraging. Can anyone point me to a repo where there is a simple ember app that I can tinker with , preferably using FixtureAdapter ? Particularly, I’ve followed carefully instructions that show how to use the FixtureAdapter with CLI but when I go to Ember inspector → Container → adapter , the only thing in the list has name:‘-rest’ and it shows up as DS.RESTAdapter even though there is no code in my app/ that specifies one.

Use ember-cli-mirage instead of the FixtureAdapter. It’s better because it simulates real XHR responses and gives you a way to manage fixtures. It’s a lot easier to switching from prototyping to building an actual application. You can also use the same fixtures when testing.


Thanks for the tip, I tried the http mock server but I found it clunky to do what I needed easy. this looks much better.