Ember-cli mirage addon examples


I have decided to give a try to Ember-cli mirage addon, it looks the right solution for what i am looking for. I have an invoice app generator but i am still using DS.fixturesadapter.

Is there any good example or repository with ember-cli-mirage addon where i cam see how i create data object persistent?


You can use: https://github.com/emberjs/ember-data-fixture-adapter

like this:



I was not aware about this change and the new addon, but what’s the main difference between the old DS.FixtureAdapter and the new ember-data-fixture-adapter? I am looking for a solution to create data object model in a persistent way and with fixtures it s no possible. I was thinking also about localstorage

I am looking forward to your expert opinions and tips


thanks for the examples


I like to solve this with Ember Pouch


You can run Pouch without a CouchDB back-end and get exactly what you want.