How to load precompiled with templates with requirejs


I’m basically following this guide: but I’m using requirejs. Until the section I pasted, everything worked nice but now I get a “Cannot read property ‘fn’ of undefined”-error in handlebars.js:246 when it comes to the {{#each}} part. Does anybody has an idea what I’m doing wrong? I digged into ember with the debugger and saw my fixtures along the find, findAll, fetchAll callstack but the error happens anyway.

Here is the code:

UPDATE: I found out that I need to add an iterator to {{#each}} as in {{#each content}}. Is this because the template was precompiled? Or is it possible to use {{#each}} as given in the tutorial in precompiled templates? If so, how?

I think you just need to make sure your controller extends from ArrayController, so App.YourController = Ember.ArrayController.extend({...})