How to modify parent tree from ember-cli addon


I am new to ember-cli and just recently figured out the basics. Now I have moved to learning addons by making one and bumped into a problem that I seem to not be able to figure out on my own :frowning:

What I would like to achieve is:

  1. exclude a custom folder from the app tree
  2. and build contents of a custom folder into a separate destination folder inside ‘dist’ folder.

Basically I need contents on one folder to be built into separate .js source files to be referenced separately from the main application source.

I have read up and figured out by now how to use broccoli to do all of that (moving, transpiling from es6 and the rest) and did some of that without an addon via app.toTree method which worked fine.

What I can’t figure out is How do I tap into parent tree from within an addon, to exclude folder and add my own build steps?

Any examples would be much appreciated :smile:

Thank you very much for all you help guys! Dm

Am I asking in some weird way and now one can understand what I am trying to learn or is it just a stupid question?

Please by all means ask me to help you to help me

Hi, did you manage to find a way? I’m searching for the same thing

Unfortunately no… I also found that using ember was an overkill for what I was trying to achieve and that just by using handlebars I was getting all that I need. additionally there is now webpack that can be used for packaging your code into an application with greater flexibility