How to remove an addon folder from vendor.js and save it in another file?

Hello there and thanks in advance!

For some unusual, but thoughtful, reasons, I would like the files from the addon folder of some private addons to be compiled in another file, other than vendor.js. Is it possible?

I already know how to remove such contents from the vendor.js by returning an empty tree for the hook treeForAddon. But I can’t find a way to place them in another js file.

After many attempts, I am thinking about replicating ember-cli’s behaviour inside ember-cli-build.js, for example:

  1. To use broccoli-funnel to create a tree of lib/private-addon/addon/**/*.hbs and have these templates precompiled and concatenated in a file named assets/private-addons.js;

  2. To use broccoli-funnel to create a tree of lib/private-addon/addon/**/*.js and have these files processed by broccoli-babel (or something like that) and concatenated in the file mentioned above.

How would you approach this problem?

Again, thanks!