How to remove application template elements on page change

I am new to HTML, Ember, CSS, and JS so bear with me because this might just be a silly question/fix.

How do you remove elements/stop them from persisting from the application template? I don’t want certain elements on my starting page to persist, but currently they all stay when I change pages from my starting page to a different page.

(or if there is a way to bypass the application template and pick a different template to be the starting/home page that would be extremely helpful too)

Thank you for any help you can provide :slight_smile:

Content in the application template is always rendered. If you want content on the “starting” page and only that page you probably want to put it in the index template. The index template for any level of routing is automatically created if not explicitly defined and it serves as the “default” page for that level of nesting. So at the root app level the root index page would be the default page for the app.

The application template will always be rendered so it is ideal for page header/footer etc if those things are rendered on every page.

In summary put content to render on every page in the application template, for the main “landing page” of the app content should live in the index template e.g. templates/index.hbs


Thank you so much, that was exactly what I needed :slight_smile: I appreciate the time you took in writing that thorough response :slight_smile: