How to run ember-cli project without building it?


I am developing SPA and with rightful amount of files. Its ember-cli. Dev env is Windoze Sieben + Chrome :wink:

I would like to develop it without the need of running build step. Every time I save change a file, broccoli is running and compiling everything. My point is to force Chrome to understand my SASS files, Harmony files and template files, without transpilling and converting them to simpleton files (ES5, CSS…). I think it could be possible by toggling the chrome://flags

How exactly I can achieve this?

Hi, It will be hard. If you want this because ember-cli on windows is slow try to disable your virusscanner for the c:\dev folder if that is where you store your ember-cli projects and install a SSD disk for C:

I am a windows user and it helps.

Thanks for answer,

firstly, I already have SSD (850pro)

secondly, who is using bloatware like virus scanner these days on his dev machine?

I am just using “Common Sense 2015” :smiley:

My company install Symantec on every Windows machine, I disable it and search indexer service in the C:\git folder, but the rebuild still takes 9 seconds to complete, normal?

I prefer using Linux tools even though I use Windows for developing, hence I run a Virtual Machine running Debian to run io.js and ember-cli.

My build times are less than a second in an SSD, try it out. It’s worth it.

I think its very neat. But how many files you got there?

Here are my times (M$ WIndoze 7, windows search service off, ssd, no virus scanner, 16GB RAM, i7 3610QM)

Input tree:
app - 349 Files, 60 Folders, 1.75 MB (1 843 200 bytes)
bower_components - 1 522 Files, 204 Folders, 30.2 MB (31 670 272 bytes)
node_modules - 29 314 Files, 6 043 Folders, 216 MB (226 562 048 bytes)
public - 1 046 Files, 57 Folders, 10.5 MB (11 091 968 bytes)

ember b -dev --output-path=test-dist

24 sec running time
Output path: 1 083 Files + 59 Folders
Size on disk 26,1 MB (27 410 432 bytes)

ember b -prod--output-path=test-dist

122 sec running time
Output path: 1 065 Files + 58 Folders
Size on disk 13,0 MB (13 672 448 bytes)

See also:

For me it looks like this:

Build successful - 14657ms.

Slowest Trees                                 | Total
SassCompiler                                  | 2142ms
Funnel: App JS Files                          | 1460ms
Concat: Vendor                                | 925ms
SassCompiler                                  | 898ms
SassCompiler                                  | 867ms
SassCompiler                                  | 835ms
SourcemapConcat                               | 756ms
SourcemapConcat                               | 756ms
Concat: Test Support JS                       | 756ms
SassCompiler                                  | 745ms
SassCompiler                                  | 733ms

SassCompiler (6)                              | 5519ms (919 ms)                                                                                                                  
SourcemapConcat (3)                           | 1361ms (453 ms)                                                                                                                  
Funnel: App JS Files (1)                      | 1231ms                                                                                                                           
Concat: Vendor (1)                            | 824ms                                                                                                                            
Concat: Test Support JS (1)                   | 666ms