Improve ember-cli on windows


I’m almost finished switching from a grunt workflow to ember-cli. To be honest, I’m pretty disappointed about ember-cli because it’s way too slow vs the previous workflow.

I’m using windows 8.1 (SSD disk) and with grunt I had ~0.6s for a .js file change and ~2.5s for a .hbs change. It was pretty decent. Now I have something like ~3s for every change (~150 files in my app). It’s such a big step backward for me.

I had made the following improvements:

My application is a backend for a wp plugin and I only need to generate the JS to import into my plugin. Right now I’m using a mix of gulp & ember-cli workflow.

My big question is why broccoli behaves much worse than gulp. I tried to add some CSS & JS dependencies into ember-cli and the build time increased rapidly. I had to use gulp for some simple tasks like CSS & js concatenation. For the same concatenation task, gulp behaves 5x-10x better than broccoli.

I know it has a lot of features, but I don’t really understand why the community push forward so aggressively ember-cli. Those features come with a big build speed penalty. If I was to use only ember-cli probably the build time was something like 7-10s for every change.

To finish up I have a few questions:

  1. Do you know other tips to improve the build speed?
  2. Are there some concrete plans to improve embrer-cli for windows users?