Ember 2.0 migration plugins WITHOUT ember-cli

In my team we are not using ember-cli but we want to upgrade to Ember 2.0. Is it possible to use plugins like ember-cli-deprecation-workflow or ember-legacy-views without Ember-cli?

We are using mostly Windows in my team so it’s hard to persuade them to using Ember-cli (which is just causing speed regressions comparing to Grunt, not to mention ultra-fast Gulp).

I am also a little bit dissapointed that in most docs it is assumed that we all use ember-cli, when it doesn’t work good on most popular operating system… And we have tried the ember-cli-windows-addon.

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Have you tried running your command line (powershell, bash, whatever) as administrator? I recognize your frustration as a windows user, but once I found out I boosted the building process from 20-30 seconds to 4-6 seconds, most projects with 10-20 plugins added to the default set of a CLI build.

You could also take a look at this plugin to boost windows performance: https://github.com/felixrieseberg/ember-cli-windows-addon

I cannot answer your question, but I guess it really depends on the commitment of the plugins’ teams. Some of them decide to still support CLI-less, some are making the shift to CLI only. I can only recommend to move to CLI. Especially when working in a team, I can’t imagion to work without CLI.

Yes, I tried using console as administrator in Windows, as well as the windows plugin. There was big boost in speed, but still 2, 3 times slower as grunt. And now I’m starting experimenting with gulp which is even more faster than grunt.

I also wanted to work with Ember-CLI, but I just cannot persuade the team to do this. It just does not make sense to make a switch, lose 2-4s. on each code change/page reload, which I propably have few hundreds during a day…

Linux is not an option because there is no Photoshop in linux.