How to statically verify ES6 module structure?


I am in the process of porting my self-managed ember-app to ember-cli. I have refactored all my javascript modules to import/export the relevant symbols. The jshint parser is giving me an ok, but the structure of the modules is still completely messed-up: I have made probably lots of import / export mistakes (importing the wrong symbols from the wrong places, not exporting properly some symbols, etc). The application thus fails to start.

Is there any way of statically parsing the imports / exports declarations for correctness, given the module structure that my project has?

I could of course rely on the errors given by the javascript console in the browser, to step by step debug my import statements, by “guessing” what went wrong when the console says something like “Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token [” because an object is undefined, but there must be a better way …

Thanks, Daniel Gonzalez