How to use template files from sub templates folder?

I need to change all the files in the “templates” folder (according to ENV variable I passed) to the same files into sub-folder.

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I have a lot of different themes, each theme has differences in markup this why I decided to use separate subfolder according to theme name. A theme name I’m passing before the build (e.g. THEME=theme1 && ember serve).

Is there a proper way to do this? I see the solution as create a node script which will change all the files in “template” copying them from a subfolder, but I do not like it.

Hi @trigger, welcome! What you want is a bit of broccoli code in your ember-cli-build.js. Ember uses broccoli as a major part of the build system to reduce your app from a tree of files into the final built assets via a series of transforms. Your use case is very simple, just you want to take some input templates and put them into a specific output location based on a flag.

There was actually a thread with a very similar question recently that might be worth checking out, as well as the docs for broccoli.js.

So you’re still ending up with a node script but it’s the “official” way to do stuff like this and should be much easier with broccoli than a lot of manual file management.

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Hi @dknutsen Many thanks for the link, this is exactly what I’m looking for.

What would be the changes if I need to replace everything except two folders? (the folders “components” and “services” in my case), thanks in advance. = mergeTrees([
    // copy "components" and "services" normally
    new Funnel(appTree, { include: ["components", "services"] }), // srcDir and destDir are implicitly "."
    // copy everything from some alternate directory
    new Funnel(appTree, { srcDir: 'alternate-stuff' }) // destDir is implicitly "."

Not sure, really depends on how your files are set up, but this is a rough guess.

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