How to wrap an ember app with titanium appcelerator to create a mobile app?


i’ve been searching for examples of wrapping an ember app in titanium appcelerator to create a cross platform mobile app but ii’ve found nothing so far except for an ancient (3+ years old) github project that is no longer maintained.

has anyone done this, or can anyone advise on how i would go about doing this?


I to have thought long and hard about this idea. Unfortunately the ember core is very tied to a DOM.

I think ember is moving to separate that dependency but it will take some time.


The more I thought about this idea the more I think a hybrid option is possible. Using the ember-metal package would provide you the benefits of many ember utils, run loop, and most importantly Ember.Object with computed properties. But in the Titanium world you would loose the power in HTMLBars, Controllers, and Routers, etc. I think it would take a great deal of work to separate and reinvent.

I’m curious if anyone thought about doing a separation hybrid approach to the Node.js world generically. Imagine Ember.Router/Controller to manage an express app on the server?

In short Ember is too young and I’m not sure if there is enough critical mass to push others (or myself) to attempt such a mutation. Although using ember-metal on it’s own might prove worth wile to replace Titanium’s Backbone with Ember’s computed properties. That would prove fascinating.


Well looky here:

Ember.js package that provides a classical object model, bindings, observers, computed properties and other conveniences. Great for use on the server or in the browser. Does not have a requirement on DOM.

I smell a weekend project coming up.