How would one go about importing m3u8 video formats into Ember?

Does Ember have something to help with this? Or is this more of a vanilla js problem?


yeah you got it – usually integrating / importing / etc is a vanilla JS problem.

but if you know the vanilla JS parts, we can help you with making it fancy in Ember :sunglasses:

I’ve never heard of m3u8 – what is that?

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Haha I hadn’t heard of it either! I had wondered if it was specifically related to Ember hence why I asked :stuck_out_tongue: According to Lifewire " A file with the M3U8 file extension is a UTF-8 Encoded Audio Playlist file". Thank you for the swift reply! :slight_smile:

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:thinking: I found this: html - HTML5 audio tag - Handling of m3u8 in chrome/firefox - Stack Overflow

looks like it’s a file format that needs to be converted to something the browser natively understands – either pre-deploy or at runtime with