I can't set the config variables for ember-simple-auth

I have problems in setting the config variables for ember simple auth. i am currently working on removing the depreciation Mixins like ApplicationRouteMixin and i want to set up the variables like :

            routeAfterAuthentication: 'protected.index',
            routeAfterLogout: 'login',
            registerRoute: 'signup',
            routeIfAlreadyAuthenticated: 'protected.index',

currently, i added it inside the enviroument.js file but the problem is after i login successfully, the session does not redirect to the index route. so it doesn’t recognize routeAfterAuthentication value.

I think they moved away from configuring these values in config/environment.js a long time ago. Back when it was removed (~ESA 1.2) you had to do it like this.

However in newest ESA it sounds like there is a new suggested approach

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Oh actually this may just be due to a bug that was fixed: routeAfterAuthentication configuration key bug · Issue #2231 · simplabs/ember-simple-auth · GitHub