I need help in manipulating checkbox with data in a table

I have a table with checkboxes in each row.

how can i delete selected rows using checkboxes ,

how can i select all checkboxes

I need to do these operations from a component.

This question needs more fleshing out because as it stands, it is unclear. Can you explain what you’re trying to do and what you have tried so far?

As I mentioned. I have to create a single page application.

I have only one route.

I need to create an employee list in it having name, id, email,date, attributes.

I need to display the list as table grid for that I am using boo0tstrap table. I have a model called employee .

on the top i have a navbar (bootstrap) in which i have the buttons to create an employee record. if i click it, it will open a modal dialogue.

besides it i have checkboxes to select each employee record and a delete button in navbar to delete selected list.

for showing employees grid I am iterating the model in a component.

each row in the employee table is also having edit and individual delete button.

if i click edit button it should open another modal dialog with values to edit for that particular record