I'm getting broccoli errors

When doing ember serve

I always get random broccoli errors. In order to fix this, I add spaces or a new line on the code that I am working on and then app rebuilds. After that, It will return Build successful - serving on http://localhost:4200 > The other solution I tried is clearing up the temp folder.

Is there any other solution to this? Am I missing something?

The Broccoli Plugin: [RecastFilter] failed with:

The Broccoli Plugin: [broccoli-persistent-filter:Babel > [Babel: client]: Babel: client] failed with:

Error: ENOTEMPTY: directory not empty, rmdir 'C:\Projects\foo\client\tmp\recast_filter-output_path-iIiZUN6i.tmp\d3-color'
    at Error (native)
    at Object.fs.rmdirSync (fs.js:886:18)
    at rmkidsSync (C:\Projects\foo\client\node_modules\rimraf\rimraf.js:355:25)
    at rmdirSync (C:\Projects\foo\client\node_modules\rimraf\rimraf.js:333:7)
    at rimrafSync (C:\Projects\foo\client\node_modules\rimraf\rimraf.js:303:9)
    at C:\Projects\foo\client\node_modules\rimraf\rimraf.js:341:5
    at Array.forEach (native)
    at rmkidsSync (C:\Projects\foo\client\node_modules\rimraf\rimraf.js:340:26)
    at rmdirSync (C:\Projects\foo\client\node_modules\rimraf\rimraf.js:333:7)
    at Function.rimrafSync [as sync] (C:\Projects\foo\client\node_modules\rimraf\rimraf.js:303:9)

The broccoli plugin was instantiated at: 
    at RecastFilter.Plugin (C:\Projects\foo\client\node_modules\broccoli-plugin\index.js:7:31)
    at RecastFilter.Filter [as constructor] (C:\Projects\foo\client\node_modules\broccoli-filter\index.js:34:10)
    at new RecastFilter (C:\Projects\foo\client\node_modules\ember-d3\lib\recast-filter.js:16:10)
    at C:\Projects\foo\client\node_modules\ember-d3\index.js:115:21
    at Array.forEach (native)
    at Class.treeForVendor (C:\Projects\foo\client\node_modules\ember-d3\index.js:104:20)
    at Class._treeFor (C:\Projects\foo\client\node_modules\ember-cli\lib\models\addon.js:520:33)
    at Class.treeFor (C:\Projects\foo\client\node_modules\ember-cli\lib\models\addon.js:480:21)
    at project.addons.map.addon (C:\Projects\foo\client\node_modules\ember-cli\lib\broccoli\ember-app.js:547:22)
    at Array.map (native)

Are you running ember-cli as administrator on Windows?

I’m using cmdr running as administrator at the moment. Maybe I’ll have to switch back to cmd, the default terminal for windows

Due to my company’s policies, I never have administration privilege when running Ember. Just saying that I’ve never had an error due to not being an administrator.

I’ve also never had errors like that before earlyworms.

Try excluding \tmp\ from antivirus realtime scanning