Build error with Broccoli-Rollup happening when trying to run new Ember projects

Hey all,

I’ve come across an issue where, when creating new Ember projects and attempting to run them, I find a build error occuring that I will include as an image. For whatever reason, this is an issue I’m suddenly having on both my Mac desktop and MacBook that didn’t exist until very recently. This isn’t affecting any of the projects I’ve created before I ran into this problem tonight. I don’t know what could be causing this problem, and don’t understand the creation and execution of projects from the Ember framework enough to understand the problem.

I think this is from a new version of ember-cli-babel that was published yesterday. You’ll need to pin your ember-cli-babel version to v7.26.6 until it is fixed.

Issue here: 7.26.7 breaks an addon build · Issue #424 · babel/ember-cli-babel · GitHub

Ya, exactly. I’m trying to dig into this issue this morning.

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