Linked Addons causing build errors in consuming app relates to babel-core

I have been having issues using updated dependencies inside an addon that is linked to another app. For example this seems to throw because the addon has ember-cookies: 0.4 and a dependency. Steps:

  1. The addon and app have version ember-cookies: 0.4 set as a dependency.
  2. Inside the addon I yarn link
  3. Inside the app I yarn link addon
  4. I ember s in the app and get this error:
Build Error (broccoli-persistent-filter:Babel > [Babel: ember-cookies]) in ember-cookies/clear-all-cookies.js

Requires Babel "^7.0.0-0", but was loaded with "6.26.3". If you are sure you have a compatible version of @babel/core, it is likely that something in your build process is loading the wrong version. Inspect the stack trace of this error to look for the first entry that doesn't mention "@babel/core" or "babel-core" to see what is calling Babel.

This doesn’t only happen with ember-cookies. I ended up downgrading ember-cookies and it seemed to fix the issue for a while until another addon started causing this issue. Sometimes deleting node_modules fixes this until yarn install installs something new.

What I think is happening is that another addon/dependency has Babel 6 declared as a dependency. This is causing the build to sometimes load Babel 6 and not Babel 7.

Any ideas what can be done?