Implementing a Search Route

Hi Everyone,

I’d love some advice on an implementation of a search function. The code works right now, however I’m not sure that I’m doing it the best way. It uses a custom view called SearchCardsView:

App.SearchCardsView = Ember.TextField.extend({
    keyUp : function(){
        this.get('controller').transitionToRoute( 'search', this.get( 'controller.query' ) );

The query text will search on objects that are part of a hasMany collection on a model. In addition the application may have more than one list displayed at a time:

App.List = DS.Model.extend({
    listName : DS.attr( 'string' ),
    cards : DS.hasMany( 'App.Card' )

The card model’s code looks like this:

App.Card  = DS.Model.extend({
	description : DS.attr( 'string' ),
	list : DS.belongsTo( 'App.List' ),
	show : DS.attr( 'boolean', { defaultValue : true } )

My implementation of the route uses the dynamic search string to set the “show” property of each card in a list:

model : function( params ){
    var lists = App.List.find( ),
        query = params.query,
        re = new RegExp( query, 'i' );

    this.set( 'query', query );

    lists.forEach( function( list ){
        var cards = list.get( 'cards' ).forEach( function( card ){

            card.set( 'show',
                ( query.length ) ? re.test( card.get( 'description' ) ) : true
        } );

    return lists;

Lastly the view uses a #if helper on the show property to show the cards that match the search string. I’d love any suggestions on how I can make this code better?