Improving minified stack traces ie stacktrace.js


Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had any experience getting better stack traces out of the ember global error handlers? We have a dedicated API endpoint where we post client side errors. We funnel everything to this endpoint we can catch using the 3 top level error handler hooks: Ember.onerror, Ember.RSVP.error and Ember.Logger.error.

I’ve tried using stacktrace.js to upgrade the stacktrace via sourcemaps:!/docs/stacktrace-js. It’s working in isolation, but I’m now seeing weird side effects, especially around store AJAX requests. stacktrace gets injected into all sorts of callstack references in chrome dev tools, for example. I have added it via bower, and including an extra line in ember-cli-build.js to pull in stacktrace.dist.js.

Lots of 3rd party bug monitoring tools (ie do support this type of feature. Does anyone know of an example that is just raw stacktrace.js and Ember?